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A Father's love for his daughter

Part 1: Misrepresentations Addressed

I see a lot of abuse and misrepresentations revolving around how the Father feels about his daughters. We all know that because of transgressing YAH’s initial command, Chuah (Eve) was accursed to bear children in pain, be in desire to her man, and under his rule. [Genesis 3: 11-16] This resulted in all the daughters being in a state of submission and—through lack of understanding—oppression. But, is it always supposed to be this way?

Oftentimes I observe men using this story to oppress their women by overexerting their dominance, and women hating their men as a result. I also see women using this verse as an excuse to be timid, powerless, and not express themselves or chase after their dreams. Why? By the men being the leader, you are submitting to the mission he has NOT that he is to treat you as a prisoner. Your man should love, cherish, and respect you. The partnership should be an environment for continued growth and edification. YAH loves us both. We each have a role to play. And, daughter of Zion, you are more precious in YAH’s sight than ya think. I think we need a change of perspective on our role in this world. How does YAH really feel about his daughters?

ONE. Your man is your gift. A protector. A provider. A lover.

Even though Chuah was a gift to Adam, he was also one to her. When you think about your man, don’t think of him as a dictator in your life. Think of him as your personal protector. YAH gave someone to defend you, uplift you, and bring provision back to your home. That is the life! And I know what you could be thinking, “I can protect myself. I don’t need a guard.” But let me ask you this, what thing of value doesn’t have security? Try just walking up and touching the Queen of England. Let me know how that works for you.

If you grew up with your earthly father in your life, as a Daughter, you knew how precious you were to him. He was soft with you. You could finesse out of a harsh punishment, and normally get everything you wanted. You had babygirl privileges that your male siblings did not receive. SPECIAL, PROTECTED TREATMENT. How much more so does the Heavenly Father feel about us as his daughters? We are his precious babygirls. It makes sense that he set someone near us to be able to preserve our status. What Father would give his daughter someone not fit to preserve, maintain, and edify her?

We thank you YAH.

TWO. Wisdom is Womban.

THREE. Womben are bosses too.

I think we have to re-evaluate how we think the Most High feels about us. How do Fathers generally feel about their daughters? Just because some people have manipulated the message of the Most High, doesn’t mean that He doesn’t love us and cherish us. He does. Fathers always have a soft spot for their babygirls. Can you relate?

While we are waiting to be avenged in the Kingdom (lol), have patience with your counterparts, peers, and the world itself. Your time is coming. And with time comes more understanding. Stay righteous. Stay wise. Stay virtuous. And Stay Ivriyah.

Shalom, hunnies. 🤎

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