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Breaking the Original Curses

AND it shall come to pass, when he has brought low everything that is in the world, and has sat down in peace for the age on the throne of his Kingdom, that joy shall then be revealed, and rest shall appear. And then healing shall descend in dew, and disease shall withdraw, and anxiety and anguish and lamentation pass from amongst men, and gladness proceed through the whole earth. And no one shall again die untimely, nor shall any adversity suddenly befall. And judgments, and revilings, and contentions, and revenges, and blood, and passions, and envy, and hatred, and whatsoever things are like these shall go into condemnation when they are removed. For it is these very things which have filled this world with evils, and on account of these the life of man has been greatly troubled. And wild beasts shall come from the forest and minister unto men, and asps and dragons shall come forth from their holes to submit themselves to a little child. BARUK SHENIY (2 BARUK) 73:1-6 את CEPHER

And women shall no longer then have pain when they bare, nor shall they suffer torment when they yield the fruit of the womb. BARUK SHENIY (2 BARUK) 73:7 את CEPHER

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