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From Broken to queen Consciousness: Rise of the shemetic queen

Shalom, Everyone.

Thank you for tuning into AHOI Bible Study on restoring Black/Shemetic women from a Broken, Hierarchal Consciousness to an Interconnected Queen Consciousness. Today, we are learning the 5 Things about the Mindset of a Queen from RC Blakes with scriptural support and references. Want the presentation? You can download here:

The Mindset of a Queen Bible Study
Download PDF • 22.02MB

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Signed a Joshua Gen Revolutionary:

Zhatéyah Yahudah YisraÉl

Founder, The Almighty’s House of Ivriyah

Fashion Designer, SUNARI

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All Praise to the Most High.

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Dejyah YisraÈL
Dejyah YisraÈL
Dec 21, 2022

Loved this lesson

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