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The Mediator spirit

Why do we even have middlemen when we can receive information and other things straight from the source?

Do you remember when you whispered into the person in front of you’s ear to tell them what the person before you just told you? Trying to get the verbatim message down the line from start to finish? Whether it was for a group building exercise or a game at church, I think we have all played the Telephone game. And we all know how it ends. By the time the message get to the end of the line, it has been manipulated, misconstrued, and outright, distorted. That game teaches a valuable life lesson. Middlemen almost always distort the message. So, How can we get the purest form of the message? By going straight to the source.

Whether it’s browsing your local news, shopping at Walmart, or letting others enact justice, we all have middlemen throughout our lives that we need to get rid of:

News Outlets, Blogs, and Social Media: One of the biggest areas of information (but, also, misinformation) is the news, popular blogs, and social media. Not only was the telephone game good at showing how mediators distorted messages, it was also a good lesson about the dangers of gossip and misinformation. One person could change the whole meaning of the message and influence the next person to communicate a distorted message. The best way to get information is to go directly to the source. By reading trendy headlines and agenda promoting news reports, we can be misled. The current fear-mongering due to pandemic propaganda is a prime example. Because of media outlets exaggerating the dangers of covid, they were able to push an agenda narrative to influence over 50% of the U.S. population to take an inoculation for a virus that has a 98% survival rate even though the jab doesn’t protect against catching covid, having severe side effects, or stopping the transmission of covid-19. Instead of relying on News outlets and social media as a source of news, it’s more beneficial to read reports and articles from the direct sources and databases. Then, you can deduce your own conclusions.

Benefits of Direct Data Sources: Draw your own conclusions, Read purest form of data, More accurate information

Issues of Relying on News Outlets/Mass Media: Propoganda, Agenda Promoting, False information and messages, Letting other people think for you, Distorted Influence

Law Enforcement: How many times have we seen the United States of America’s Justice system walk contrary to us, and (excuse my French, but) eff us over? The US government not only fails to protect us, give us rights, and edify our heritage but it’s also doesn’t provide justice to us. We see this in the lack of reparations, disinterest in edifying our communities, the disproportionate prison rates, restructuring and food deserts, community gentrification, and the secret government operations to defund our communities, schools, and decrease our population via genocide. An overwhelming amount of evidence. How can we still trust them?

Back in our homeland, we solved a lot of our matters directly. We didn’t need anyone to enact justice for us. We carried it out ourselves. For example, If someone killed or dishonored a member of your family, you went after them yourselves. You can see this in Numbers 35:19.

19 The revenger of blood himself shall slay the murderer: when he meeteth him, he shall slay him.

YAH even designated certain lands as refuge places if a man was seeking the life of another man (if they were innocent). Check out Exodus 21:13, and Joshua 20:7-9. One thing I love about our heritage is that it was based on laws and principles of righteousness. Being righteous was the expectation. A people based on morality, keeping the law, and enforcing it.

Benefits of Direct Justice: Honors Eye for an Eye, Reduces Crime, Expectation of morality

Issues of Foreign Mediation for Justice : Injustices, Abuse of Power, Genocide, Distorted Systems and Practices

Stores & Marketplaces: Every week or so, we craft a list and head to our local market to get groceries for the week. If the store runs out, we must either go to a different store or go without. Without the supermarket and restaurants, many of us would not be able to have food to survive. The grocery stores have a lot of power. Not only are they a limited source of food, but they also dictate the quality and type of food that goes into our bodies. We have to fully rely on our middleman (or mass production marketplaces) or we may not be able to eat. What happens if our middle man is corrupted or can’t supply us? Big factories and large corporations are known to act in their own self-interest and profit even at the expense of their consumers. This is why large corporations mass produce and promote foods that are full of carcinogens & toxins, genetically-modified, gluttonous, and overall, a detriment to your health. Check out this article on companies and brands that use Aborted fetal cells in the production of their food. Can you say witchcraft?

Why don’t we have our own? Israelites, historically, were agricultural leaders and shepherds. We had our own land, grew our own food, and raised our own cattle. (Deuteronomy 31:20-21, Genesis 30:32–36, Genesis 27:9) A direct, fresh source. I’m sure there was nothing better than planting your own vineyard and making your own family wine to serve at dinners and feasts, reaping the fruit (and veggies) of your garden.

Benefits of Direct Source Eating: Purer options, Cheaper Products, Self-sufficient survival

Issues with Mediation: Carcinogens, Dependency, GMOs, low-quality ingredients

There’s no question that we need to cut out the middleman in our lives.

What are some direct connections you have? Or that you want to make? One of my greatest direct connections is the one I have with the Most High. I’m glad that as my Father, he allows me to have direct access to his word and his spirit. I’m able to pray and talk straight to the Father every day! No intercession necessary! What a blessing that we have as his firstborn. (Check out Exodus 4:22 below.)

22 And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord, Israel is my son, even my firstborn:

I encourage and edify you all to make some direct connections. The quality is much higher. You don’t need a mediator or a middleman to get the purest tools you need! Cheers to pure energy, food, and information!

Shalom, Children of Light.

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