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The Type of Woman This World needs

Today, the black and brown woman are carrying attributes accursed to their captivity versus walking in their true, noble power. How do we edify our sisters from a dejected state of captivity?

In 2022, we see more bad b*tches than Royal Queens. Our sisters, daughters, and mothers have been misled to perpetuate the Jezebel caricature that promotes their sexual exploitation, spiritual darkening, and economic detriment.

Instead of cherishing qualities of creating sound homes, raising righteous, intelligent children, catering to their men, developing economic security, and fostering unbreakable sisterhood bonds, our black/brown women and girls have drank the Koolaid of cherishing business over family, living for a hot girl summer versus a righteous woman life, sexing whoever, whenever and living the lifestyle of a whore versus an empowered wife.

Why is this? In addition to the curses in Deuteronomy 28, the feminist movement has had a lot to do with why our women are so far off track.

What is the feminist movement?

The fourth (and current) wave of feminism began in 2012 and is characterized by a focus of women’s empowerment. Today, women’s empowerment has focused on eliminating gender roles, exploring sexuality, and promoting liberation of the female body.

Feminists have protested the idea of “My Body, My Choice” which has manifested into a euphemism to promoting nudity, sexual fornication, abortion, and provocativeness.

Did you know that there are approximately 125K abortions per day?

We have to ask ourselves. Is this behavior really empowering? If so, please explain how. What is power to you?

The biggest scam that women of today have fallen for is the assimilation to a Gentile/Western culture that limits and subjugates their women financially, socially, and economically. The Gentile norm regarding women consisted of fathers selling their daughters into slavery or to be wed, women owning no property or assets, women being required to be veiled in public, and laws making it illegal for women to walk out the house without a chaperone. And, to put the icing on top of the misogynistic cake, wives primarily existed to give the husband pleasure and sons and to keep the house.

By assimilating to a culture that isn’t our own, we find ourselves in a dejected state of power. We are fighting battles that aren’t ours to fight. We must align with our cultural identity and heritage to walk in our true empowerment.

The Godly culture is set apart. Because of God’s order, Biblical Women lived better than their Gentile counterparts, biblical women had a history of owning land, running businesses, having inheritance, being strong, helping the poor and needy, having and sharing wisdom, and being warriors for their GOD. That’s true empowerment.

The Realm needs Real Empowered Womben. What do they look like? Real empowered women are modeled after the woman described in Proverbs 31 by Queen Bathsheba. A woman that is truly empowered is virtuous, trustworthy, a willing & able worker, productive, thoughtful, nurturing, strong, considerate, generous, prepared, powerful, wise, kind, and God fearing.

Why is she needed? This empowered woman is needed because she can create waves of change in this realm. If the women can get in order, the family can get in order which consequently gets our communities and then our nation in order. This empowered woman changes the vibe of the world because she gets the home in order and jumpstarts the restoration of the world.

If you are a sister ready to band together and restore your people, you should commit to becoming a Virtuous Sister today. Embody kindness, humility, servitude, fortitude, willingness, obedience, courage, and God.

Daughters of Zion and righteous women, the world needs you. Take a stand today!

Written By:

Zhateyah Yisra’El

Founder, The Almighty’s House of Ivriyah

@almightyshouse | @zhate.yah

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