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Who is in the Wrong? Keke PAlmer Vs. DariusJackson

The community has defended (& reprimanded) Keke Palmer after she was seen being chastised on Twitter by her boyfriend, Darius Daulton Jackson, in response to a video showing Keke Palmer being held, admired, and serenaded romantically by Usher.

In response the black community has engaged in a divisive debate on whether Keke or Darius was in the wrong, further encouraging the war on family.

Fun fact: Did you know the smallest and most powerful unit of a unified nation is the nuclear family?

Now, if we are being real---any man or woman (who actually values their partner ☕️) would not like to see their partner dressed provocatively, hugged up, or. showing off for another person. And if your man/woman doesn’t care… well… I got some news for you. *pimp giggle*

And if we are being real again, no one wants to publicly be belittled or thrown shade on.. especially when you have a personal connection. However, I can understand a public reaction to a public act.

Despite all this, if we want to secure our family, restore our minds, and resurrect our people, we should take into account how our actions affect others.

The bottom line is.. both were in the wrong in some aspect. Now, how will each value each other, humble themselves, and correct their wrongs to save their families? Or are we going to continue to embrace the culture of broken families, toxic relationships, and damaged legacies?

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