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Our ancestors were missionaries.

And Avraham planted a large grove in Be'er Sheva, and he made to it four gates facing the four sides of the earth, and he planted a vineyard in it, so that if a traveler came to Avraham he entered any gate which was in his road, and remained there and ate and drank and satisfied himself and then departed. For the house of Avraham was always open to the sons of men that passed and repassed, who came daily to eat and drink in the house of Avraham. And any man who had hunger and came to Avraham's house, Avraham would give him bread that he might eat and drink and be satisfied, and anyone that came naked to his house he would clothe with garments as he might choose, and give him silver and gold and make known to him Yahuah who had created him in the earth; this did Avraham all his life.


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