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Why we need sisterhood

To lift you up when you were down or to show you how to navigate life, sisters [both older and younger] are always a gem to cherish. It seems as though no friendship could be stronger than the relationship between you and your biological sister [or your spirit sisters.] Big and little sisters are there to support you, protect you, guide you, and share as many laughs as your stomach can take. It's a blessing to have someone that "get's it." Because, who understands your journey of womanhood better than you mothers, grandmothers, and sisters? This is why we need sisterhood. Women of today need sisterhood because it provides a sense of belonging, support & understanding, and community circulation.

Sense of Belonging. When you find sisters that align with your visions or mesh well with your being, you are provided with a sense of belonging. Sense of belonging is critical for healthy emotional, mental, and spiritual development. Everyone just wants love and acceptance, and sisterhood can provide an abundance of that. Everyone needs a friend to rely on. There’s nothing better than being able to vent, hear wisdom, share intimate moments, and grow with your sister(s) for the better. Support & Understanding. Not only does sisterhood provide a sense of belonging, but it also provides a community of support and understanding. The journey to womanhood can be very hard. Women have found themselves to be under attack in almost every direction. Women are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, drug abuse, period stigmas, pay and wage gaps, etc. It is sad, but the list could go on. When you have sisterhood, it provides you with the wisdom and guidance to avoid as many pitfalls as you can. You can align with our elder mothers and sisters that have already traversed the path and they can provide you with a lot of wisdom, guidance, and support. It truly takes a village. Life isn’t easy. But, it can get a little easier with the right women around you. Economic Advancement. Sisterhood provides a great opportunity for economic and community advancement. With a strong sisterhood of women connected to righteous ideals and principles, the next generations can expand the legacy and improve the world. The women are the teachers of the nation. If women align and water their children with financial, spiritual, physical, and nutritional wisdom, you can guarantee that the children will grow into greater beings. Women also can foster community circulation by connecting and engaging with sisters for business and economic opportunities. It’s all about who you know. With a strong sisterhood, you can increase your network, increase your opportunity, and expand your generational legacy. I think it is very important for the women of today to mend their relationships. We need each other to live, thrive, and expand. We can’t do it alone. No one understands the journey of womanhood better than the women themselves. By gathering together and promoting righteousness, our women can have an increased sense of belonging, an impenetrable support system, and generate and circulate wealth. So, What are we waiting on? Written by: Zhateyah Yisra’El Founder of The Almighty’s House of Ivriyah @almightyshouse | @zhate.yah

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